Invented and patented in 2003, the Backyard Batter Pro is the ultimate training tool designed specifically to help develop proper swing mechanics.

Under new management and proudly made in the USA, Backyard Batter Pro is improved and fast becoming the "go to" training tool. Tee work and soft toss drills are the most important training regiment to develop a strong foundation for proper hitting mechanics and to gain muscle memory, 

Practice Makes Permanent


Backyard Batter Pro is lightweight, tough, and durable. Made from steel, aluminum, and one of Dupont's toughest polymers. Easily assembles at the ball field using only two wing nuts and two pins.

Softballs, baseballs, even tennis balls can all be used with the Backyard Batter Pro. Three different angles of pitches ranging from the slow high arc to the quicker knee high pitch and adjustable timing between pitches, Backyard Batter Pro covers all the bases. Operates off a rechargeable battery, 6-volt battery or AC with approximately 1000-1500 pitches from the batteries (battery and charger included).